SuperHole Shisha

SuperHole Shisha / Hookah / Nargile Charcoal

SuperHole Shisha Charcoal

Our Product Definition

In this prosperity year of 2016, we proud to introduce our new product “SuperHole Shisha / Hookah / Nargile Charcoal” to you! Our motto “Quality is Our Concern” has inspired us to make the best of premium quality charcoal! Proudly present the NEXT GENERATION OF COCONUT CHARCOAL !

SuperHole is made from special Ingredients and selected raw material only. Producing high temperature, strong cube, Long time burning and white ash make SuperHole as your best choice to fulfil your End User Customer’ needs.

Quality of SuperHole charcoal makes a long time burning up to 100 minutes (smoking time), no spark, no smoke, no smell and always serve the best result for you and your customers!

We guarantee that we always provide 100% natural material coconut shell charcoal and perfectly burned well charcoal.

Do you want to try SuperHole? Just contact us as soon as possible!

100% PURE Coconut Shell Charcoal with WHITE ASH
Chemical Free
Smoke Free
Taste Free
Smell Free
Spark Free


1. Moisture : 5,5%
2. Ash : <3,5%
3. Volatile Matter : <11%
4. Fix Carbon : > 80%
5. Size : 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5cm
6. Temperature : 540 – 650 Celcius (the best temperature for smoking)