Coconut Shell Charcoal


Our Product Definition

We produce coconut shell charcoal in our factory, Palu – Sulawesi. We send up to 7 containers every week to Surabaya. We have many good suppliers to collect the best coconut shell charcoal. Because we also have our warehouse in Palu – Sulawesi ( CV. Kelapa Indotama ). We also collect from another suppliers from many islands and suppliers in Indonesia.

Coconut shell charcoal is made by pure shell of coconut. Coconut shell charcoal utilization is kind of strategic business sector. Further more they used by burnt, charcoal also can be used for briquette’s basic material, activated carbon, etc. The coconut shell that will be used for charcoal must be from the oldest coconut. Because it will be much more solid and the moisture will be less. We offer best quality with best price too.

1. Moisture : < 12% max 15%
2. Ash : <3%
3. Volatile Matter : <14%
4. Fix Carbon : > 70%
5. Size : Natural size