Coconut Fiber


Our Product Definition

Coconut coir is one component of coconut that can be produced and decomposed into products needed by domestic or international market. Coco fiber is derived products from coconut coir which is through several researches could be produced into supporting material of interior and furniture, including matrass, bed sofa, and particle board like MDF, Coconut Fiber Board (CFB). Within this research, it is hoped to distribute the information about the functions and producing materials from coconut coir waste. This is supposed to be used by the government, minor industry, designer, and public to also apply and choose environment-friendly coconut coir material and sustain as a part of sustainable design, green design, social entrepreneurship and related programs. Therefore, coconut coir waste can be valued economically and has its positive effects to society who live around the coconut tree plantation area.

About coconut fiber, we collect it from our selected suppliers. Because we don’t let our customers disappointed, that’s why our suppliers who has great quality could support us. Great quality means the color must be golden brown, the size is around 14 cm, and it must be pressed!

1. Moisture : < 15%
2. Ash : <3%
3. Color : Golden brown
4. Impurity : <3%
5. Size : 8-30 cm
6. Package: >120kg/ bale
7. Container Load: >17 tons / 40 feet high cube