“Nakhlan” Project

shisha / hookah / nargile briquette charcoal


Our Product Definition

NAKHLAN is made for special customers who like smoking faster. Small size make Nakhlan easy to burn. this “cute” size is not eliminate the real characteristic of coconut charcoal.

Strong, long time burning, and white ash make Nakhlan deserve to be chosen by shisha / nargile users. We believe this project is able to compete with another brands in Middle East market.

100% PURE Coconut Shell Charcoal with WHITE ASH
Chemical Free
Smoke Free
Taste Free
Smell Free
Spark Free


1. Moisture : 5,5%
2. Ash : <3,5%
3. Volatile Matter : <11%
4. Fix Carbon : > 80%
5. Size : 2,0 x 2,0 x 1,4 cm