Corporate History

CV. Empat Sekawan Abadi was established and has a focus on the processing of coconut fibers. The learning process of this business is still being done today.

The company cooperated with the local people in Sulawesi to established a processing plant coconut fibers.

The company’s board of directors changed and the organizational structure was also changed to become more professional.

CV. Kelapa Indotama, a subsidiary company based in Sulawesi, was founded in 2011 to expand the company’s development in the field of coconut shell charcoal processing. The company began to develop another business in Sargassum Seaweed because of the high-demand from the market, in addition to coconut fibers and coconut shell charcoal

CV. Empat Sekawan Abadi has renamed to PT. Empat Sekawan Abadi Internasional



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