Corporate Group

Along with the development of the business run by our company and according to our company’s vision, CV. Empat Sekawan Abadi has formed a subsidiary in Sulawesi. The company is engaged in manufacturing coconut shell charcoal with standard specifications for export-oriented product. Not quitting only at one kind of industry, this subsidiary will also be active at manufacturing sector of cocofiber in the next few years, in the same area. Coconut shell waste now be utilized and bring additional income to the community.

In 2011, CV. Kelapa Indotama managed to achieve a production capacity of 75-100 tons per month. And in 2012, we raised the target to 350-400 tons per month. February 2012, we exported 200 tons good quality coconut shell charcoal from our sisterhood company (CV. Kelapa Indotama).  In 2015, we had stabilized at 250-300 tons per month. Adhering to our principle, “Quality is number one”, we are commit to provide the best products, with the highest standards and work with full commitment with each of our business relations.