About Our Company

About Our Company


Empat Sekawan Abadi (ESA) is a manufacture company and trading company also that was incorporated in 2007. ESA offers five excellent products from Indonesia, coconut fiber (coir), coconut shell charcoal (coconut shell charcoal), coconut briquettes charcoal, wood charchoal ( tamarind ) and sargassum seaweed. As our export destinations are China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia ( UAE ), Turkey, Germany, United States of America, Kuwait, Russia and Hong Kong.

In accordance with the company’s vision, which is to become the best in the overall processing of coconut and a best exporter in Indonesia, ESA continues to expand and strengthen the network of suppliers to almost all major cities in Indonesia. In addition, in 2011, ESA has also established a new subsidiary in the Sulawesi region to strengthen supply coconut shell charcoal in the area.

ESA has been trying to meet foreign demand for commodities in the upper third. The quality of the products offered are of export quality. ESA’s overall export capacity is ± 35-40 x 40” feet high cube/month for the five commodities. In its development, ESA will continue to develop the business of processing other coconut products, namely coconut peat and coconut fiber.

We are still spread our wings to get more customers. We always try to keep our quality. Although many customers are satisfied, but we are trying to make a better quality. We always pay more attention in every single day because back to our mission: customers’ satisfied is our priority. We have a really good relationship with them because sometimes their critic and needs will always be our motivation.

Our Logo Consist of

It because our main business is based on coconut. As we know coconut is known as “tree of life” which is mean all of the part of the trees are very useful
It means our company is established with owners SHURIKEN PATTERN OF LEAVES
It means our company is strong and dynamic and fast-growing
It means we have young spirit, but we are full with integrity and