“Cobe” Project (SuperHOLE®)

shisha / hookah / nargile briquette charcoal


Our Product Definition

Proudly present “COBE” charcoal with our special treatment “SuperHOLE®” in every cube! this product is one of our premium quality charcoal. Stand for more than 3 hours and more than 100 minutes when smoking.

Do you need the best heat for your tobacco? YES! Any brand of tobacco? YES YES YES! Cobe is the right answer! High density charcoal and special treatment make the temperature more stable in high degrees.

100% PURE Coconut Shell Charcoal with WHITE ASH
Chemical Free
Smoke Free
Taste Free
Smell Free
Spark Free

1. Moisture : <5.5%
2. Ash : <3.5%
3. Volatile Matter : <11%
4. Fix Carbon : > 80%
5. Size : 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 (special treatment “SuperHOLE®” in every cube)